Rise Up Ontario Rally

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Rise Up Ontario Rally

April 30, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The summer of 2018 cannabis will bring full legalization of cannabis in Canada, a historic moment. Federal guidelines have been created for cannabis legalization, but how the law is implemented is decided by the provinces. Join us this Saturday May 5th 4pm at Queens Park South after the Global Marijuana March for the Rise Up Ontario Rally! Help make cannabis an election issue in Ontario, find out how you can take action.

The Ontario government has chosen an archaic model and created a government-run monopoly that won’t stop the black market. The proposed 40 retail stores can never meet the demand and the online stores can’t provide the knowledge and information consumers need.

Ontario needs a mixed public-private model for cannabis distribution, one that is safe, convenient and experienced, not a government monopoly. The Ontario government is also criminalizing users of cannabis who consumer anywhere but inside private residences, ignoring the needs of people and the reality of how cannabis is consumed. Ontario needs legal and licensed places for cannabis consumption, outside of private homes.

Sensible Ontario is a non-partisan group that is working to change the vision for cannabis legalization in Ontario and advocating for a mixed public-private model that includes legal places to consume.

The Ontario election on June 7 falls just before recreational cannabis will be legal in July. One of the first tasks of the newly-formed Ontario government, and MPPs in every community, will be implementing cannabis legalization. How the new Ontario government does this will have repercussions in Ontario for years.

You can change how Ontario approaches cannabis legislation by telling government and election candidates to choose a mixed model and allow licensed consumption spaces.

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