Sensible Ontario

Private cannabis retail & Consumption Spaces in Ontario.

About Us

The intended goal of OCCRA is to advocate for:
1. private cannabis retail, and 2. consumption spaces in Ontario.

Through consumer stakeholder engagement OCCRA aims to work across political parties to foster sensible cannabis policy in Ontario.

Latest Updates

Ontario to privatize cannabis retail

The Ontario government will allow legal cannabis to be sold in private stores, a reversal of the previous Liberal government’s decision to give the provincial liquor regulator exclusive rights over[…]

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July 27, 2018 0

Rise Up Ontario Rally

The summer of 2018 cannabis will bring full legalization of cannabis in Canada, a historic moment. Federal guidelines have been created for cannabis legalization, but how the law is implemented[…]

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April 30, 2018 0

Lounges Day of Action – March 1st

Sensible Ontario has gotten off to a great start, but we need your help to take action! Time is ticking until the Attorney General’s March 5th consultation on lounges is[…]

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February 26, 2018 0